How to Set the iPod touch & iPhone

Place your mouse over the image to see (and then click) the play button.

The touch and iPhone have very similar naviagation but one difference is the iPhone has a built in speaker. Remember to use your headphones to set the volume limit with the iPhone.

1. Select "Settings."
2. Select "Music" for the touch or "iPod" for the iPhone.
3. Select Volume Limit.
( If you have set a combination, enter it by using the number pad.)
4. Use your finger to select the maximum volume limit by sliding the volume bar to the left (lower) or right (louder).
(You can now set a 4-digit password to prevent changes to the volume limit level by selecting "Lock Volume Limit" and entering a combination by using the number pad.)
5. To exit the sceen touch the "Music" ("iPod" on the iPhone) and then "Settings" icons.

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